Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

“Harry Potter and The Order Of the Phoenix” ~ J.K Rowling – Harry Potter was faced with another life or death situation as the Dark Lord makes his inevitable return in this action-packed 5th installment.

In the 5th installment of the Harry Potter series, the group called The Order of The the 5th bookPhoenix established to follow and capture The Dark Lord once and for all. After his epic return to power at the end of the 4th novel.

Throughout this chapter of the Harry Potter series, Harry faces many different obstacles related to the Dark Lords’ return. Everything from the searing pain that was coming from his scar to nightmares of real-life attacks of loved ones, even an attack from the dementors that lead to Harry’s expulsion from Hogwarts for a short time. There is also a teacher that the Ministry of Magic hires at Hogwarts to spy on Professor Dumbledore and the rest of the school.

What do all of these scary events have to do with the return of the Dark Lord himself? What happens when the Ministry of Magic hires a teacher at Hogwarts in which no one not even the teachers, gets along? Will the Dark Lord ever get captured?

You will have to read to find all this out and more in The Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. You will not be disappointed!

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