Welcome to my Blog! My name is Bridget Hadley and I am your typical twenty-two-year-old office employee. How do I unwind after a crazy day in the office? I make sure to crack open a new book.
Reading has been my favorite pastime from the moment I began to read in the first grade and after a crazy day in the office. My journey of reading has led me to some books that I can easily title my favorites and some that I wished to throw across the room. However, the journey to a “good” book can be hard. So, with an understanding the difficulty of the journey to a new book to love I have chosen to start this blog.
The mission of this blog is to review any of the books I can get my hands on and guide my readers to their new literary loves. While creating each post I will be reflecting on the books complexities and sharing them with you. Don’t worry I promise not to spoil any major plot twists! Remember books take you on a journey and leave you with a new wealth of knowledge.
Please follow my blog and discover new books that are just dying to be read!


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