Someone Else’s Shoes

Friendships, Unexpected situations and relationships are the three things that come to my mind after reading “Someone Else’s Shoes” written by Jojo Moyes, when a mistake has taken place leads to unexpected journey and friendships.

Nisha was facing getting kicked out of her penthouse and an unexpected divorce that will resort to her being completely broke and stranded with no place to live. Sam is facing getting fired from her job and dealing with a husband who is depressed. When a slight mix-up with gym bag, results with these two lives colliding and taking them on a journey they soon won’t forget.

Jojo Moyes did a great job with the storyline of both women and the ups and downs of their individual journeys. I also appreciate the character growth and relationship building throughout this story. And how two women from two different lives can come together for a common goal with a blossoming friendship.

Husband Material

Love, Weddings and Commitment are three words that come to my mind after reading “Husband Material” written by Alexis Hall, a conclusion to the Boyfriend Material Series.

With several weddings to attend in short amount of time, one Luc’s best friend and another Luc’s ex boyfriend’s, it has left Luc and Oliver thinking about their future together as a couple. And that brings up whether they are both willing to commit to marriage or just being together as a couple.

If I am being honest, I enjoyed “Boyfriend Material” more than “Husband Material” I felt has if it was a bit too long for what needed to be done. There were some parts that were reparative and unnecessary, but it was still a sweet ending to a love story I have been committed to.

Boyfriend Material

Luc is stuck in a bit of a bind when his dead-beat, washed up rockstar starts to make his comeback Luc is stuck being chased and caught up by paparazzi everywhere he goes, and they paint them in the worse of light. And with the most important fundraiser coming up at work, his boss forces him to clean up his act. This translates into a scheme of getting a fake boyfriend.

Now Oliver who is also in need of a fake-boyfriend for an up-coming family event agrees to go in on this scheme with Luc. But happens when these to enemies – fake boyfriends start to actually spend time with each other and get to know each other? And what happens when real families and emotions start to get involved?

Alexis Halls does a beautiful job with the sarcastic and hilarious banter between Luc and Oliver and when real life gets in the middle of this fake-relationship it is most definitely a page-turner of a comic and heartwarming romance.

Big Little Lies

Lies, Secrets and Drama are the three words that came to my mind after reading “Big Little Lies” written by Liane Moriarty. A captivating story of Desperate Housewives meets a murder-mystery thriller.

When Jane moves to Sydney Northern Beaches and enrolls her young son Ziggy into a private school there, she soon finds herself in the middle of all of the drama and secrets of the school moms. All the while maybe holding onto the biggest secret of all to herself. And when the school fundraiser threatens to expose her secret, not every comes out alive.

Liane Moriarty is my new favorite for drama and thrillers. She does a great job creating characters that you As a big fan of Desperate Housewives type of show, Big Little Lies and Liane Moriarty does not disappoint.

The Stand In

Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? What would you do if given the opportunity to fill in for that celebrity twin of yours?

That is exactly what happened in “The Stand In” written by Lily Chu. When Gracie Reed got the opportunity at right time in her life. Right when she was debating whether she was going to quit her job because of her boss or whether to suck it up because she needs the money to get her ailing mother into the top nursing home in town. She was ambushed by the talented Chinese actress Wei Fangli on a walk and asked to step in for her at events while she is filming a movie in Canada.

Will Gracie be able to full fill her duty without being recognized or caught? What will happen between her and Wei Fangli right hand man and friend Sam Yao? And what will happen to the relationship between Wei and Gracie when Gracie finds out they maybe closer than they might have original thought?

“The Stand In” is that guilty rom com of a story that will leave you with your own question of “what if I was given an opportunity of a life time by my own celebrity look alike?”

All Good People Here

Infuriating, determination and captivating are three words that come to mind after reading “All Good People Here” written by Ashley Flowers. Ashley Flowers has an incredible way of telling true crime stories with her popular podcasts Crime Junkie and with this fictional novel.

I have been hooked on Crime Junkie for a while now and look forward to a new episode every Monday morning and I know that I am not the only one.

Which makes me ask the question:

what makes humans so captivated with true crime? According to an article published 2021 on “The University of Law” blog it states:

“True crime gives an insight into our culture and norms as well as our anxieties and values.”(

  I get invested in the human aspect in of these cases. What brings people to commit these crimes and how can so many of these cases go unsolved. In all these cases what part does the media play in all of this?

From the mid 90’s with the first high profile case of OJ Simpson vs. The People of California, or my first ever case that I remember “Casey Anthony vs. the State of Florida.” I remember being glued to the tv from the beginning to the end of the case. Being incredibly disappointed with the outcome. Now I’ll admit it, I had my judgement of Casey before the trial even began and I still believe that she is guilty beyond belief. However, I know now that not all cases are all clear cut and open and shut cases. There is always more to the story than what is being shown on the news. I still think about how this little 3 year old girl would be a young teenager today and there is still no justice for little Caylee and we just have to be ok with that.

The media has had the important responsible to bring the world facts but these cases. However, I believe the media has become irresponsible with these times of cases. Only highlighting one side of the story. A lot of times with cases media painting the suspect has some sort of celebrity and “throwing them in the slammer” before a fair trial is even given. Sometimes even forgetting who the real victim is by the time everything is said and done.

However, Ashley Flowers and all people at Audio Chuck Production, has a real gift of telling these stories with an unbiased mind. Laying out all the facts of the stories on both sides of the aisle. Treating both the victim and the suspects has real human beings. Without ever forgetting who the real victim is. She interviews people connected to the cases that the police have never even thought about talking to. And she tries and sometimes succeeds in getting true justice for these families that have been through hell and back!

And she does just that in “All Good People Here” where the main character Margot moves back home to help with her haling uncle. And starts investigating a case of a missing little girl a town over. Her mission is to connect it to another missing girl case from when she was a child. A girl she considered her best friend. As she sets off trying to connect this puzzle, she reconnects with people from her past and soon realizes that this little town holds more secrets than she original thought. Even secrets in her family.

This story is a powerful and insight story of a story of a missing little girl isn’t always an open and shut case.


[Website] Schmidt-Petersen, J. (2021). Why are we so obsessed with true crime.,is%20a%20common%20psychological%20trait%E2%80%9D.

Episode 31: Memorial and Demi Lovato


My review on “Memorial” by Bryan Washington. Including my thoughts and opinion on the Demi Lovato documentary “Dancing with The Devil” part 1 & part 2 — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:


One to Watch

Love, Diversity and Reality Television are 3 themes that come to my mind after reading “One to Watch” A book about viewing love in all different forms. A love story that we did not think we needed but we really did!

Bea was riding a high on instant social media fame with her blog about overweight fashion. When the executive producer of the hit reality television show “Main Squeeze” about finding love on nation TV approached her about being the lead on the upcoming season. At first Bea is very hesitant because she did not know how people would perceive her and she did not want to become a laughingstock of national television.   However, when Lauren the executive producer, convinces her that it will help grow her platform. Bea is in!

This book takes us through the trials and tribulations of Bea’s journey of love. This book just like the reality is full of crying, love and above all drama! Will Bea finally be able to believe in the process and she be able to find love?

Diversity was the biggest topic in this book and is the biggest problem in the Batchelor Nation franchise as well. Even though the franchise have made steps in the right direction with casting the leads Rachel Lindsay, Tayshia Adams, the first black bachelor Matt James and two incredibly great diverse casts on contestants. On the heels on the events that have occurred in the franchise this past week, it shows the franchise has a long way to go! As a long-time fan of the franchise I look forward to seeing the progress take place!

41: A Portrait of My Father

Service, Family and History are the three themes that come to my mind after reading “41” A Portrait of My Father” written by Former President George W. Bush. A book written about a President that left his first and only term with grace and respect. Written by his son a President that united our country during one of the country’s most difficult times.

From early on George H.W Bush had the heart and will to serve this nation. By putting college aside and enlisting in the Navy and becoming a hero in WWII.

Whether it be with his job as a businessman in the oil business, his career in government and politics, and being a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, George H.W Bush have his heart to everyone that came into his life good or bad. By writing specialized notes to personal phone calls to just check in, there was no doubt the impact the George H.W Bush had on the people in his life and the legacy he left on the country.

By reading this book the reader gets a special insider perspective of not just one Former President but two Former President. The reader gets a special view from the biggest and most important seat in the country. For myself who was just understanding the Presidency as Former President George W. Bush was leaving office, reading this book gave me a whole new respect of one countries Great American Dynasties.

In Five Years

Love, Life and Unforeseen circumstances are the 3 themes that come to my mind after reading “In Five Lives” written by Rebecca Serle. A beautiful story of how life doesn’t goes as planned no matter how are you try to stay on track.

Dannie Kohen always lived by numbers and a plan. She had everything planned out from her professional law career to her personal love life with her boyfriend David. Everything was working out and going as planned. Then on the night of her engagement she has an unexpected dream, a dream of herself in 5 years.  Now she tries everything in her power to prevent her dream from becoming reality. However, when her best friend gets unexpected and heartbreaking news Dannie soon realizes that she cannot prevent all of lives hurdles. Did Dannie’s own five-year plan work out or did her dream become reality?

Rebecca Serle does a wonderful job with a story about how life doesn’t always go as planned no matter how hard you try. She highlights a non-perfect yet beautiful friendship of two friends that would do anything for each other. How someone you love and consider your best friend and partner in life might not be your soul mate or your partner for life after all. Promises were made/promises were broken; mistakes will be made but that is what life is all about. It is not perfect but that is what makes us human.