The Night Swim


Author: Megan Goldin Publishing date: Aug 14 2020

Crime, courage and jury are the three words that come to my mind after reading “The Night Swim” written by Megan Goldin. A harrowing tale of a town divided by the upcoming heartbreaking trial. A trial that is being podcast for the world to make their verdict. A trial that is full of deep emotion and a deep, dark connection to the past.

Rachel is a host of a popular crime podcast series. A series that covers the investigation and trial of well known cases as it is happening. This is a rape trial in a small town on the coast of North Carolina. However, when Rachel arrives at the start of the trial, things take an unexpected turn, when she finds a note on her windshield from her biggest fan Hannah. In the note Hannah is asking for help to solve what happened to her sister Jenny in the summer of 92’. It was ruled a accidental drowning back then but Hannah believes it was murder!

This book does not shy away from the hard topics. Starting with the gruesome details from the current rape case to the gruesome case that took place in the summer of 1992. The crimes that take place in this books are unthinkable and heartbreaking.

The courage that was shown by the victim in this trial is outstanding. The strength that it her to relive that nightmare is inspiring all in the name of justice in this case. It has me thinking about the courage that it took Christine Blasey Ford to sit before The United States Senate and retell her own nightmare back in college. Never mind retelling that horror for just a courtroom. She had to do it for the whole world to watch. I am inspired by all women who are able to retell their story and become stronger for it.

This story got me thinking about the criminal justice and jury system. How we has Americans have the privilege to be on a jury be the deciding factor in these cases. To think that ordinary people have the power to change someone’s life in some cases for the rest of their lives is a huge responsibility and pressure but on the upside it is impactful and so important.

Overall this book scored a 4 star on my scale. It was a captivating story. I was able to read it in 4 days. I fell in love and was rooting for these characters. There was times when I was confused in what time period I was reading because it is dealing with two different generations. There was times when I had to take a breather from reading because it was so detailed and gruesome. However, I felt that it was a story that needed to be written to bring these situations light. It was beautifully written as well. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves crimes and thrillers.

Harry Potter & The Half-Blooded Prince


Magic, love and the truth will be told in the 6th book of the Harry Potter series. Another action-packed book that does not leave you disappointed from beginning to end.

J.K Rowling takes us on a journey as Harry Potter and his friends returns to Hogwarts for their 6th year of learning. At the beginning Harry picks up this book for his potion class and discovers it holds notes from its previous owner. The previous owner is the half-blooded prince. Now Harry makes it his mission to find out who the half-blood prince truthy is. In the meantime, Professor Dumbledore sets out to help Harry understand Tom Riddles past and how he came to be the vicious monster knows as Voldemort. All the whiling Harry and his friends discover this thing called love as Harry develops an unexpected love interest.

J.K Rowling doesn’t not hold back as the group of friends once again finds themselves in a bit of danger. My favorite aspects of this book was that J.K. Rowling shows the group growing up and developing love interests naturally. She has this fantastic ability of pulling her reader into this magical wizardry world and never leaves us disappointed!

What Happens in Paradise


Drama, Love and Mystery are the 3 words that I think of after reading “What Happens in Paradise” written by Elin Hildebrand. A story of two families coming together after learning their loves ones are living a double life. A novel full of twists and turns at every corner and will have you at the edge of your seat.

We left the Steel and Small family after they found out they are now connected after their loves one are dead from a terrible plane crash. Now we join them back in Saint John’s while they get to the bottom of what truthfully  took on the plane on the first of the year. What will happen the Steel family after making their decision to come back to the island. Will there be a chance for Ayer to have a relationship with the boys? Which Steele brother will she choose? Will a brother/sister relationship blossom between Mia and the boys? And let’s not forget Huck and Irene. What will be revealed when Ayer comes across journals from Rose’s past?

“What Happens In Paradise” will continue to pull at your heartstrings and mess with your emotions in every way. It is an epic beach read for the summer. A novel of love stories mixed with mystery. That will not disappoint!

My Love For Reading


Hi Everyone, my name is Bridget Rose Hadley and I love reading!! My passion for reading had started at a young age. You see, I was born with a condition called Noonan Syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that effects many systems in the body. This often leads to several developmental delays such as: walking, talking etc. I was so busy catching up with many of the basics I got left behind in the smaller areas such as reading and counting etc.

In the first grade is really when I really began to read. Once I began I couldn’t stop. Reading opened up so many doors for me. I learned so much about everything from the history of our country to what happen to Romeo and Juliet and everything in between.

Fiction books takes the reading on a journey. They allowed me to escape the worries of the world and create a whole new one in my head. They help me expand my imagination in ways I didn’t know was possible.

There are books that have made my laugh, smile, cry and throw it against the wall by the way it ended.

I hope one I will right a write that will inspire just like so many other books have done for me!


Dear Edward


“Dear Edward” ~ Ann Napolitano is a story of resilience, heartbreak, love, and family that talks about the purpose of life after a tragedy.

Eddie Alder was just your typical 12-year old boy who is at the age of juggling his cute cuddling, lovable side towards his parents as he is trying to hold on to his brother bond with his 15-year old brother Jordan as Jordan begins to rebel against their parents. His relationship with his family was unbreakable until tragedy struck.

His family was on their way to a new life in Los Angles from New York for Eddie’s mother’s unique job opportunity. The flight was going smoothly, but just as the plane hit Colorado turbulence  and lousy weather took over and the aircraft crashed, leaving all 191 passengers dead except for Eddie.

Now has he navigates his new life after such a traumatic event. He begins to search for his purpose in life. He lives with his only living relatives, his Aunt Lacy and Uncle John in New Jersey, and becomes friends with their next-door neighbor Shay, who is his same age.

A few years have gone by, and he has recovered from his physical injuries but there are times where he still struggles with being the lone survivor of a crash that took his family from him. It wasn’t until he discovers what his uncle was hiding in their garage does he begin to realize his purpose in his second life.

What will happen to Edward with this new-found knowledge that his uncle was hiding? Will he ever feel that special family bond that he had with his parents with his Aunt and Uncle? What will happen to his friendship with Shay?

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix


“Harry Potter and The Order Of the Phoenix” ~ J.K Rowling – Harry Potter was faced with another life or death situation as the Dark Lord makes his inevitable return in this action-packed 5th installment.

In the 5th installment of the Harry Potter series, the group called The Order of The Phoenix established to follow and capture The Dark Lord once and for all. After his epic return to power at the end of the 4th novel.

Throughout this chapter of the Harry Potter series, Harry faces many different obstacles related to the Dark Lords’ return. Everything from the searing pain that was coming from his scar to nightmares of real-life attacks of loved ones, even an attack from the dementors that lead to Harry’s expulsion from Hogwarts for a short time. There is also a teacher that the Ministry of Magic hires at Hogwarts to spy on Professor Dumbledore and the rest of the school.

What do all of these scary events have to do with the return of the Dark Lord himself? What happens when the Ministry of Magic hires a teacher at Hogwarts in which no one not even the teachers, gets along? Will the Dark Lord ever get captured?

You will have to read to find all this out and more in The Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. You will not be disappointed!

Water for Elephants


“Water for Elephants,” written by Sara Gruen, is a fantastic whirlwind novel about the up and downs and the toll that the circus life can have on the circus people’s lives.

   This novel takes the reader on the journey of a young man by the name of Jacob Jankowski and after the jumping of a train, results in a decision that ultimately changes his life forever. Once on the train, he quickly becomes the circus by telling the ringmaster that he is a Cornell Graduate from Veterinary School. He goes on to help train the recent circus purchase of an elephant named Rosie. Jacob also finds unexpected love with the ringmaster’s wife, Marlena. This causes trouble for Jacob and the young lady over time.

In the other half of the book, it shows where Jacob is now at the age of 85 in a nursing home and quickly declining. Even though at times, he may not know whether he is talking out loud and not remember who his favorite nurse, Rosemary’s name is or even his children at times. He still remembers his love for the circus and the incredible life he was able to form from his experience on that train.

It follows the story of the “Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth” and the ultimate demise of the show as well.  From the pressures of putting on the “Most Spectacular Show on Earth” during the Great Depression period in America to the greatest joys and greatest heartbreaks and everything in between.

The book will have you on an emotional rollercoaster at times. A book that with leaves, you want more. A novel full of love, heartbreak and animals. What more would you want?

Rich People Problems


“Rich People Problems” ~ Kevin Kwan was another action-packed family drama, full of twists and turns! That will have you having all of the emotions in the book

In the 3rd and final installment of the Crazy Rich Asian series Rich People Problems, the whole family gathers as the monarch of the family is passing away. Surprise guest show up to make a few last minute piece offerings before it is to late. The real questions are: 1.) Will Su Yi forgive those who have wronged her in the past? And 2.) Who will wind up inheriting the famous Tyersall Park Estate after her passing? Since Su Yi only son Philip Young abruptly moved to Australia and Su Yi gave the house to his son Nicholas Young and after Nicholas went on to marry Rachel Chu against everyone’s wishes. It is still up in the air in who will get the famous estate.

Throughout the storyline another huge scandal erupts. As Astrid Leong and Michel Teo are in the mist of a huge five year long divorce and custody battle over their only son Cassian. Charlie Woo her first ever love, wins her heart over and proposes marriage to her in a elaborate way. However, through plotting and scheming Astrid and Charlie exs are trying in every way to get in their way of a happily ever after.

Kevin Kwan has done a fantastic job wrapping up with this Asian family drama and action-packed novel. It will be having you laughing and crying all the way through. It surely does not disappoint.