Dear Edward

“Dear Edward” ~ Ann Napolitano is a story of resilience, heartbreak, love, and family that talks about the purpose of life after a tragedy.

Eddie Alder was just your typical 12-year old boy who is at the age of juggling his cute cuddling, lovable side towards his parents as he is trying to hold on to his brother bond with his 15-year old brother Jordan as Jordan begins to rebel against their parents. His relationship with his family was unbreakable until tragedy struck.

His family was on their way to a new life in Los Angles from New York for Eddie’s mother’s unique job opportunity. The flight was going smoothly, but just as the plane hit Colorado turbulence  and lousy weather took over and the aircraft crashed, leaving all 191 passengers dead except for Eddie.

Now has he navigates his new life after such a traumatic event. He begins to search for his purpose in life. He lives with his only living relatives, his Aunt Lacy and Uncle John in New Jersey, and becomes friends with their next-door neighbor Shay, who is his same age.

A few years have gone by, and he has recovered from his physical injuries but there are times where he still struggles with being the lone survivor of a crash that took his family from him. It wasn’t until he discovers what his uncle was hiding in their garage does he begin to realize his purpose in his second life.

What will happen to Edward with this new-found knowledge that his uncle was hiding? Will he ever feel that special family bond that he had with his parents with his Aunt and Uncle? What will happen to his friendship with Shay?

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