A Little Me

“Amy Roloff A Little Me” ~ Amy Roloff is an inspiring Auto-biography that reminds us that God doesn’t make mistakes and that our differences make us unique. It is undoubtedly a book that will leave an impact on your life.

A little me

This book follows the life of Amy Roloff as she tries to navigate life as a little person with dwarfism in an ordinary world. It goes from her elementary school days to the day she starts the second chapter in her life after her divorce and everything in between.

Growing up for Amy wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies; she suffered from bullying and depression all through her grade school time, and it continued going through her college years. It was with help from her close family and friends that she was able to approve on her self esteem and got through the rough times.

Her father had a saying of “God doesn’t make mistakes.” A saying that I loved and was inspired by myself. It is about excepting that everything happens for a reason and that everyone has a purpose on this planet no matter what they might look like or who they are. That saying helped Amy through her toughest of times.

This book was a great inspiration to me. I was born with a condition called Noonan Syndrome and one of the symptoms is short stature. I stand at a tall 4’3” I have a sense of humor about my height and will make jokes about it. I mean, I can’t change it and so I mine as well make the most of it and have a bright lookout on things.

I began watching Amy on her family reality show “Little People Big World” on TLC in elementary school, and it gave me a whole new outlook on life. It inspired me to get my driver’s license and dream about starting my own business one day. I realized that I could do anything I wanted to do just in my own way.

I would recommend this book for anyone that is having a rough time and need some inspiration. 😊



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