The Nightingale

Survival, War and Love are three words that comes to my mind after reading “The Nightingale” written by Kristin Hannah. When two sisters are living in the same war but react in two different ways, will their sisterly bond uphold and how will they come out on the other side.

The Germans have invaded France and Isabella and Vianne Mauriac are faced with having two different perspectives on the war. While Vianne wanted to watch the war run its course and just survive with her family, Isabella wanted to fight and join the resistance of the war.

The truth is I have never been able to fully appreciate and take in a book about WW2 because of the all the war talk. However, “The Nightingale” and Kristin Hannah’s ability to tell a story about the women of war is quite special. Both Isabella and Vianna were characters that I was able to root for through out the whole book. Their growth throughout the story was my favorite part.

I would recommend “The Nightingale” to anyone who is looking for a war focus with women empowerment story that will keep you captivated and the turning the pages to the every end.

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