The Dating Plan

Love, family drama and fake relationships are the three things that came to my mind after reading “The Dating Plan” written by Sara Desai. When old flames reunited unexpectedly and start to fake dating, what could possibly go wrong?

Daisy Patel and Liam Murphy are old high school flames, whose relationship ended after Liam never showed up to take Daisy to her senior prom and left town for good.

Now ten years later Daisy and Liam unexpectedly run into each other at a tech conference and to fix their own individual family situations they hatch a plan to start fake dating. However, when the old feelings for each other come flooding back but the truth of that last night is revealed. What will happen to these once high school lovers, turned heartbreakers and now fake fiancés?

Let me first start out by saying I love the fake relationship tropes. They sometimes are corny and predictable. But with Sara Desai adding in these characters families, back stories and reasons behind the fake relationships, it really laid out the high stakes out this relationship was for Liam and Daisy.

Overall, I really enjoyed and appreciated all the little things and big things this book had to offer.

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