Someone Else’s Shoes

Friendships, Unexpected situations and relationships are the three things that come to my mind after reading “Someone Else’s Shoes” written by Jojo Moyes, when a mistake has taken place leads to unexpected journey and friendships.

Nisha was facing getting kicked out of her penthouse and an unexpected divorce that will resort to her being completely broke and stranded with no place to live. Sam is facing getting fired from her job and dealing with a husband who is depressed. When a slight mix-up with gym bag, results with these two lives colliding and taking them on a journey they soon won’t forget.

Jojo Moyes did a great job with the storyline of both women and the ups and downs of their individual journeys. I also appreciate the character growth and relationship building throughout this story. And how two women from two different lives can come together for a common goal with a blossoming friendship.

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