IMG_20200207_195751_679.jpgMy first thought starting this book is that it will have a predictable ending. A story would be published by the media company and the main character’s business going under. In one way it did and on the other it didn’t. Yes, the young reporter trying to prove to herself and to her boss published a “Breaking News” story. It will just have to be seen how that all play out. Mixed in with inter-generational conflicts and sexual harassment allegations.This book chronicles to the stories of two companies and their employees lives both personally and professionally. One company is a magazine company and the other is a startup app company headed by no other than Mack McAllister. Who is like the biggest guy in the Tech world. It is how these two companies intertwine with each other that is what makes the book interesting.It also touches on the millennial generation and how they are all go getters. They won’t stand around and watch things happen. They will make things happen themselves. As showed by the many Startup companies in this book. Many of them start their own companies since they don’t agree with the way “old fashioned” companies run. Also, this generation will tell it how it is and won’t hide anything. Having the ability of having social media at the tips of your fingers lets you have the ability to let you tell your own story. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing. You can judge for yourself.This story also touches on the very sensitive subject of sexual harassment in the work place. How important it is for the victim to be able to be free and able to tell their story the right way. How people should be picking up and supporting the victims instead of cheering on the often rich and powerful suspect. “Startup” showed women empowerment beautifully in this way.This book was certainly not the deepest book I have ever read. However, it made quite a good few points about the business world and how the world looks at the millennial generation.

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