My Love For Reading

Hi Everyone, my name is Bridget Rose Hadley and I love reading!! My passion for reading had started at a young age. You see, I was born with a condition called Noonan Syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that effects many systems in the body. This often leads to several developmental delays such as: walking, talking etc. I was so busy catching up with many of the basics I got left behind in the smaller areas such as reading and counting etc.

In the first grade is really when I really began to read. Once I began I couldn’t stop. Reading opened up so many doors for me. I learned so much about everything from the history of our country to what happen to Romeo and Juliet and everything in between.

Fiction books takes the reading on a journey. They allowed me to escape the worries of the world and create a whole new one in my head. They help me expand my imagination in ways I didn’t know was possible.

There are books that have made my laugh, smile, cry and throw it against the wall by the way it ended.

I hope one I will right a write that will inspire just like so many other books have done for me!


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