Things You Save in a Fire

“Things You Save in a Fire” ~ by Katherine Center is a story of love, heartbreak, feminism, and forgiveness. That will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!

Things you save in a fire

This story begins with Cassie Hanwell, a well-known and respected female firefighter in Austin, Texas, receiving an award for her heroics. When the scheduled announcer couldn’t make it, it was the replacement (a guy from her past Heath Thompson) that brings back memories of her sixtieth birthday. One that she would never assume talks or think about ever again. It was her reaction to the twist and an unexpected call from her estranged mother that changed her life forever.

We follow Cassie as she moves across the country to Boston, Massachusetts, and made to work her butt off to receive the respect she had back in Austin. All the while, she is helping out her almost blind mother and the real truth behind her mother’s health and tries to work on forgiving her mother for all the passed pain her mother caused her. It is while she is there she unexpectedly falls for the other newbie, rookie Owen.

After a tragic event takes place the rookie becomes injured, the truth comes out about their relationship. How will the rest of the firehouse receive the news? Will their relationship last? Will the rookie make it? Will Cassie and her mother ever fix their damaged relationship?

The book plays with your emotions from start to finish! It will be one that you will not forget for a very long time! It will make you consider forgiving those people in your lives that you have differences with before it is too late!

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