Girl, Stop Apologizing


Girl, Stop Apologizing” written by Rachel Hollis is another one of Rachel Hollis’s inspirational and motivational books. Giving tips that women should live by.

 My first though when I heard that Rachel had this other book, I didn’t really care for it because I thought it was going to be the same concept as “Girl, Wash Your Face.”  However, I was watching an interview where Rachel was promoting this book and how she got inspired to write this particular book. She got her inspiration from Demi Lovato’s song “Sorry Not Sorry” about how Demi has stop apologizing for who she was. I was like if there is a book out there inspired by this amazing artist and song, I am going to read it! That is why a chose the book to read in the first place.

The message behind this book is so important for not just all women to hear but for everyone to hear. I feel as if we live in a world where it seems wrong to want to aim for bigger dreams. That it might be considered selfish if we want to be the center of attention and be rich and famous. This book tells you that you don’t need to apologize for wanting bigger things. If you achieve them the right way with hard work and determination.

This book gives tips about how to balance your personal and professional lives. It also gives you permission to say no when you feel it is right to do so. Rachel also reminds us that in the process of following our dreams, we need to ask for help. Any dream cannot be accomplished by just one person. It takes a whole team of people big or small to helped out. Especially in situations where there is children involved.

I would recommend this book to any one who is sick and tired of apologizing for having the dreams that they have. This book is for anyone who might be overwhelmed with either family of professional goals. This reminds us that it is OK to make mistakes and that no one is perfect and we have to stop apologizing for it!

The First Twins


“Sisters First” – By Jenna Welch Bush Hager and Barbra Pierce Bush was one of the most heartfelt, family based books that will have you laughing and crying from beginning to end.

This book takes the reader through the life of one of the most famous set of twins in this time period. From the time they were born and their grandfather was already Vice President up to just last April. When the country lost one of the most enduring and lovable first lady or The Enforcer and most importantly their grandmother Barbra Bush. (and everything in between)

Honestly when I first saw these girls, the news was reporting on the fact that someone had stolen Barbra Bush’s purse from under a table at a restaurant in Argentina. My first reaction was laughter and thought how careless the first daughters could be. I take all of that back now! I am 22 years old and completely understand how something like this can occur!

It was stories like these that might have gave the world the idea that they were just craving attention. That was just not the case. They never wanted every girls night to be plastered on the nightly news or on the front cover of magazines. They were simply young college girls trying to live a normal college life. I mean their parents told them they could live a normal life. However, almost having your boyfriend’s car get crushed by Marine One of the South Lawn of The White House on a first date is not what I call normal. (I think their father enjoyed having the Secret Service following his two girls everywhere.) lol. However, that was just not possible for them. Every little mistake or fumble they made showed up in next day news.

After all is said and done they grew up into very intelligent, down to earth young women. That have become very successful in their own careers. It may not have always been easy growing up with such a famous name (especially Barbra). They may not have always wanted their father to become President! However, they know that their name and their families legacy has given them opportunities that they would not normally have. Jenna has been given the opportunity to not only tell her family’s story but as well as many other extraordinary peoples stories on the Today Show. Barbra was able to realize her own passion with Global Health through the many travels with her parents during her fathers presidency.

The most important thing that I took away from this book had nothing to do with politics or the many articles written about the Bush girls. It was the incredible bond the Jenna and Barbra share as not just twins but as sisters. Throughout the book they kept bringing how they would always lean on each other for guidance and love. Through happy times such as Jenna’s wedding and the birth of her two girls to the devastating loss of a best friend, and their grandparents. They didnt just have each other but they had a fantastic support system of family and friends. Even the Secret Service and White House staff became a part of the extended family. It is just so important to surround yourself with people that will always be there for you no matter what!!

This book reminds me how incredibly lucky I am to be able to have four loving, caring and supportive sisters mixed into my big loving and caring family!

Becoming First Lady


“Becoming” – by Michelle Obama is an inspiring biography about an intelligent young woman on her journey from the South Side of Chicago to becoming the first African American first lady.  

There were many topics that stood out for me and that I was able to take away from reading this fantastic book. The first thing was how really genuine and down to earth she was retelling all the happy and hardship moments her family has gone through. Another thing was her dissuasion on being an active mother to her two beautiful children but as well as following her own professional passion. This has become a fairly new discussion among the working class and will continue to be. As a inspiring business women and someday wanting children of my own, I appreciate her not sugar coating this challenge!

The third thing that really struck me was how she took on the role of First Lady of The United States of America with such grace and compassion. At first she was completely against Barack running for president in the first place. However, after much persuasion and long and hard talks with not just Barack but with other love ones. She reluctantly agreed. During this process she described her love for her husband and his passion for wanted to run. Her only concern was for what running and ultimately becoming would mean not just for her husband but for her whole family as a whole. Especially her young daughters.

During the duration of the book she described her mama bear personality on protecting Malia and Sasha during the election and especially their lives in the White House. She wanted them to be able to live their lives as normal children. She wanted her daughters to be able to make mistakes and not get criticized for it.

Not only did Michelle have the pressure of raising children in the White House and on the world stage. She also had to figure what her new role as First Lady was going to play out. As a fantastic way of finding her role, she was able to combine her two loves: children and fitness. In 2010 she launched the Let’s Move program. This focused on providing healthier options for children to eat at school and help reduce the rising numbers in childhood obesity.

After all is said and done, Michelle Obama may not have been the best first lady in people’s eyes based on the way you may look at it. I mean the role does not come with a manual! Lol. She made it her own and that is all we can ask of her.  However, I have come to learn, respect and ultimately look up to her as a personal and professional role model. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her daughters!