Trails and tribulations and family are the three words that come to my mind after reading “Spare” written by Prince Harry. A story about a Prince and his not so royal life.

Growing up you dream about being a part of the Royal Family and being a Prince or Princess and let me tell you after reading this, that dream as been dashed and is the last thing I wan to do.

Prince Harry takes the reader through his life story starting with stories of his childhood, especially the moment that his father told him about the death of his mother Princess Diana, and through his school years, going to war and of course his life afterwards.

My biggest take away from Spare is Prince Harry talking about his relationship with his father and brother Prince William. Describing the grieving and coping process of his mother and lastly his relationship with Meghan. And of course the relationship with the media throughout his life.

Starting with King Charles and his lack of affection towards his sons. King Charles was more of a boss than a fatherly figure in the boy’s lives. Especially has the boys grew into adulthood. And Prince William only became a brother to Harry when it was convenient for Prince William to be a brother to Prince Harry. Other than those times he didn’t really want anything to do with Prince Harry. I believe that Prince William saw Prince Harry as a threat at times growing up.

Prince Harry’s relationship with the media really started from the time he was born. They captured him his mothers arms outside the hospital days after he born. And the cameras haven’t left his side since. Even causing the tragic death of his mother. and capturing a little boy grieving and following into adulthood and capturing every missteps along the way. Prince Harry had a troublesome relationship with the media before his relationship with Meghan and it only seem to elevate into a whole new level once the relationship took off.

Prince Harry never asked to be born into the Royal family. He wanted the life his mother had dreamed of. Once he saw history repeating itself with his wife Meghan and the media, he knew that he needed to get his family out of harms way. He wants to see his children to grow up with their mother. A luxury that he wasn’t awarded due to the cruelty of the media.

The last and biggest thing that I took away Prince William his a mini Kings Charles and Prince Harry is definently his mother child. Therefore I would take the Spare over the Heir any day.

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