Always and Forever

Coming of age, Family and young love are three things that come to my mind after reading “Always and Forever” by: Jenny Han. A very sweet, easy to read, story of a young girl at a very prominent time in her life.

In the conclusion of the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” trilogy by Jenny Han, Lara Jean is a senior in high school and when she didn’t get into the college of her dreams, she is forced to make a very big a decision. A decision that a lot of teenagers have to make their senior year. To stay with the high school sweethearts and try long distance or break op and start this new adventure solo.

This story takes the reader on Lara Jean journey has she weighs the pros and cons of this decision. Also, when her dad decides to marry their neighbor, Lara Jean’s sister Margo has a tough time approving of the ceremony because she doesn’t want their neighbor to replace their late mother.

Jenny Han does an amazing job taking on real life issues that young adults might go through. And being able to see Lara Jean going through and navigate these ups and downs and showing the importance of having a loving support system, will hopefully help other young teens through their own struggles.

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