Where The Crawdads Sing

“Where the Crawdads Sing?” ~ Delia Owens is a book about murder, isolation, prosecution and independence.

Where the Crawdads sing

This book is set back in the 1940’s – 1960’s and takes the reader on the journey of a girl Kay Clark as she navigates her way through life in The Marsh fields of North Carolina.

It all starts when Kay’s mother walks out on the family and never comes back. Shortly there after her closes brother and only brother that still lives at home leaves as well. Leaving only her drunken father and her to fend for themselves.

This sudden abandonment forces young Kay to grow up and find ways of survival on her own. The town that she lives in makes her feel alone as well with the children in town making fun of the so called “Marsh Girl.” and besides a few locals helping out, no one in town seems to care about this child.

What happens when the 2nd of two boys that Kay falls in love with suddenly dies after breaking Kays heart? What will the town really think about the Marsh Girl then? Will they come together and rally around her or will they once again turn their backs on a girl who has been abandon all her life?

This book hits on a lot of hard hitting topics and in my mind will wined up in the classic file in no time as a must read book for all school age children. ❤


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