Boyfriend Material

Luc is stuck in a bit of a bind when his dead-beat, washed up rockstar starts to make his comeback Luc is stuck being chased and caught up by paparazzi everywhere he goes, and they paint them in the worse of light. And with the most important fundraiser coming up at work, his boss forces him to clean up his act. This translates into a scheme of getting a fake boyfriend.

Now Oliver who is also in need of a fake-boyfriend for an up-coming family event agrees to go in on this scheme with Luc. But happens when these to enemies – fake boyfriends start to actually spend time with each other and get to know each other? And what happens when real families and emotions start to get involved?

Alexis Halls does a beautiful job with the sarcastic and hilarious banter between Luc and Oliver and when real life gets in the middle of this fake-relationship it is most definitely a page-turner of a comic and heartwarming romance.

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