41: A Portrait of My Father

Service, Family and History are the three themes that come to my mind after reading “41” A Portrait of My Father” written by Former President George W. Bush. A book written about a President that left his first and only term with grace and respect. Written by his son a President that united our country during one of the country’s most difficult times.

From early on George H.W Bush had the heart and will to serve this nation. By putting college aside and enlisting in the Navy and becoming a hero in WWII.

Whether it be with his job as a businessman in the oil business, his career in government and politics, and being a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, George H.W Bush have his heart to everyone that came into his life good or bad. By writing specialized notes to personal phone calls to just check in, there was no doubt the impact the George H.W Bush had on the people in his life and the legacy he left on the country.

By reading this book the reader gets a special insider perspective of not just one Former President but two Former President. The reader gets a special view from the biggest and most important seat in the country. For myself who was just understanding the Presidency as Former President George W. Bush was leaving office, reading this book gave me a whole new respect of one countries Great American Dynasties.

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