Capital Gaines – Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Things

Author: Chip Gaines Published: October 2017

Lessons learned, Family and Dreams are the 3 themes that came to my mind after reading “Capital Gaines – Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Thing” by Chip Gains. An insightful story on the journey that Chip Gains took that led him to being a star on the hit television show about fixing up houses in Waco, Texas Fixer Upper.

From a young age Chip had to learn that dreams do not always work out the way that you plan. No matter how much passion and hard work you put into them. That is what happened when his dream of becoming a player in the MLB came to an end, when he was suddenly cut from the Baylor University baseball team in his Sophomore year. He became down on himself believing he did not just disappoint himself but also his parents especially his father. However, one day while sitting in class, he looked out the window at the landscapers cutting the grass and an idea came to him. After a conversation with the landscaper’s owner, her got himself a job and shortly after a new dream of becoming a business owner himself!

Many viewers who have seen Fixer Upper might think that Chip Gaines is just the goofy, lovable contractor. Yes, he is all of those things and so much more. He is hard working business man and a dedicated husband and father. He was the one who had the passion to be a business owner and who actually started several small business at a young age. When his new bride Joanna came to him about opening a small antique shop, he was the one the helped get Magnolia Homes off the ground. Then they both started building and flipping houses.

It was not until the show their businesses started to grow into what they are today, and they make that very know in this book. Chip talks about the struggles that they faced early on in their relationship with his passion for business but lack of planning. The way that mistakes needed to occur in ordered to realize for himself what was right in front of him and what he could lose if he did not try harder. He talks about Joanna and his decision to step away from TV and focus on the important things in life, family and love.

Chip encourages the reader to find their passion and create a plan. He encourages us to work hard for that passion but to never lose sight of yourself and those who is helping you get to your end goal. I say encourage because I felt as if he was never forcing step by step tips to get to your goal but lending encouraging lessons to a happy, healthy, and successful life!

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