Anna K A Love Story

Love, family and drama are the 3 words that come to my mind after reading “Anna K A Love Story” By Jenny Lee. A novel that reflects the rollercoaster ride of high school. Never leaving out the unexpected twists.

These group of high schoolers from New York elite families are held to the highest of standards. Especially the girls. This makes the events in this book ever the most shocking. And the decision that Anna K makes ever the more complicated knowing not only her reputation was on the line but her entire families as well.

Keeping a clean family reputation is most important to Anna’s parents. Making the right choices harder. That leads to Anna K turning to her incredibly supportive, loving older brother Stephen. Their brother, sister relationship is one thing that Anna K can count on in the worst of times.

Falling in love is almost impossible to avoid in high school. However, when Anna K finds herself wrapped up in a love triangle with her current boyfriend with the most perfect reputation and a bad boy with the reputation of dating every high school girl in Manhattan. She does not know where to turn.

This book does not fall short in the drama department either. It is like very modern-day version of Gossip Girls at its finest. Never leaving a bridge unturned. It will leave the reader wondering how life could be so cruel or maybe thinking these group of teenagers got what they deserved.

I would recommend this book to any high schooler looking for a book to get through this quarantine. A great book of life, love and coming of age.

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