From The Ground Up

From The Ground Up pic 2  Inspiring, Dedication and Passion are just 3 words that I think of after reading “From the Ground Up” By Howard Schultz. The story of Howard Schultz the former CEO and Chairman at Starbucks who took a business trip to Italy and came back to build on one the most well-known coffee shops in the world Starbucks.

Inspired by how much Starbucks has done in not just in this country but throughout the world. Through the Starbucks Foundation, Howard Schultz and his team at Starbucks have been able to create several programs to help out the communities they serve such as: reach out to the youth with setting goals of hiring the underprivileged youth. Create Jobs USA is intuitive that sets up job fairs around the country with a goal of setting up the youth with tools needed to land a successful job.

I am also inspired by the dedication that Howard had with creating a benefit that  have allowed full-time and part-time employees to received health insurance. As well offering employees the ability to further their education. By partnering up with Arizona State University and paying their employees tuition with no mandate of staying with the company afterwards. Even many have and have been able to grow throughout the company. This ensures a level of trust and loyalty between Starbucks and their employees.

His dedication in other areas such as veterans’ affairs, refugees, and race will inspire people to look more closely at the problems this country and world still faces. Yes, Starbucks and Howard Schultz have made mistakes, some public and others not so public but he will be the first one to admit them and take responsibility for them. He admits that he is not perfect and his is always looking for ways of learning. He reminds us all that given the right tools and a passion for something anything is possible.

This quote below is what embodies our wonderful country. Not the hate and division that has filled the current state of America. I hope that one day our leaders will come together again and continue to spread this beautiful message. It is especially important during times like these that we need to come together and support one another. There is no other way to get through such terrible times.

This message is talking about the refuges fleeing their war-torn countries and coming to America for their American Dream.

“They come for an idea. An idea so powerful, so inherent to humanity, that it transcends time and geographic boarders: the idea that all people are created equal and have the right to live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  ~ From the Ground Up, Pg. 297


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