Rich People Problems

“Rich People Problems” ~ Kevin Kwan was another action-packed family drama, full of twists and turns! That will have you having all of the emotions in the book

In the 3rd and final installment of the Crazy Rich Asian series Rich People Problems, the whole family gathers as the monarch of the family is passing away. Surprise guest show up to make a few last minute piece offerings before it is to late. The real questions are: 1.) Will Su Yi forgive those who have wronged her in the past? And 2.) Who will wind up inheriting the famous Tyersall Park Estate after her passing? Since Su Yi only son Philip Young abruptly moved to Australia and Su Yi gave the house to his son Nicholas Young and after Nicholas went on to marry Rachel Chu against everyone’s wishes. It is still up in the air in who will get the famous estate.

Throughout the storyline another huge scandal erupts. As Astrid Leong and Michel Teo are in the mist of a huge five year long divorce and custody battle over their only son Cassian. Charlie Woo her first ever love, wins her heart over and proposes marriage to her in a elaborate way. However, through plotting and scheming Astrid and Charlie exs are trying in every way to get in their way of a happily ever after.

Kevin Kwan has done a fantastic job wrapping up with this Asian family drama and action-packed novel. It will be having you laughing and crying all the way through. It surely does not disappoint.

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