Yes, Again Yes

“Yes, Again Yes” ~ Mary Beth Keane is a fantastic novel about family, love, trauma and forgiveness

In 1973 Brian Stanhope and Francis Gleasons were rookies in the NYPD and were partners for the first 3 weeks on the job. Both men were newly married and starting families . When Francis suggest to Brian to move the family orient neighborhood in Gillam. He takes him up on his offer.

However, what will happen between the two families when Brian son Peter and Francis youngest daughter Kate becomes best friends and their wives don’t improve?

The intention grows between these two families when the kids are in middle school and the childhood friendship blossoms into something more. After one minor incident where Kate falls and gets hurt. Along with the strange reaction that Kate mother had. Their mothers ban them from seeing each other.

As all star-crossed lovers or rebellious teenagers do. They set a plan to meet each other at midnight that night. It was that night and the events that occurred that night that ultimately ripped these two families apart!

How will these two families ever heal after tragic events from that night? Will these two crazy kids that were in-love ever find each other again and see where that love takes them? Will these families ever be able to forgive?

Mary Beth Keane did a beautiful job writing a family drama novel. Leaving the reader feeling real connections and empathy for each and every character.

From love, heartbreak, grief, to faith and hope this story full of every emotion. It is must read about how family strength .

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