The Nest

“The Nest” written by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney is whirlwind family drama full of twist and turns pending from a tragic incident that occurred with one of the family.

The book takes the reader on a journey of a family drama between brothers and sisters trying to figure out whether or not they are going to have a stable future with the help of The Nest. The Nest is a family trust fund set up by their father before is unexpected death. The future of The Nest lays in the balance after the unfortunate actions of one of the brothers Leo. However, the other siblings were developing a real need for their money due to the financial crisis.

The book is full of family drama, surprises and love. How will the family reconnect after the unfortunate incident? Will they after reconnect? Also after Leo mysteriously goes missing will he ever be found?

Cynthia does a famously job developing the family dynamic with throwing in the necessary surprises along the way.

I would recommend this book to anymore looking for a good family drama full of mystery type of book.

This book was certainly a fun read!

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