A Woman Is No Man

“A Woman is No Man” written by Etaf Rum is jea moving, touching, emotional packed novel about family and different cultures. That will have you cheering on some characters and wanting to yell at others.

This powerful novel is set in Brooklyn New York and follows 3 generations of Arab women. As the older generations try to keep their Arab culture alive, with marring their daughters off at such a young age believing that is the only way to survive. While the next generations tries to push barriers and stand up for themselves.

These novel highlights, a conflict that is happening every day in America as families escape foreign lands to find freedom in America. The conflict that only men are capable of supporting the family and that women are only good for cleaning and being at their men’s beck and call. 

Throughout the story you find that the younger generations are realizing in America they have a voice and that they can stand up for themselves and have the futures and careers that they dreamed about back home and hear about only in books.

The push and pull of this struggled gets so emotionally intense at times that the reader won’t be able to put the book down. This story shows the power of what books and the proper education can do for people that are escaping from their past.

I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn about the Arab culture and women empowerment.

This book surely won’t be a disappointment. ❤

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