Becoming First Lady

img_20190115_184519_922881403832330048614.jpg“Becoming” – by Michelle Obama is an inspiring biography about an intelligent young woman on her journey from the South Side of Chicago to becoming the first African American first lady.  

There were many topics that stood out for me and that I was able to take away from reading this fantastic book. The first thing was how really genuine and down to earth she was retelling all the happy and hardship moments her family has gone through. Another thing was her dissuasion on being an active mother to her two beautiful children but as well as following her own professional passion. This has become a fairly new discussion among the working class and will continue to be. As a inspiring business women and someday wanting children of my own, I appreciate her not sugar coating this challenge!

The third thing that really struck me was how she took on the role of First Lady of The United States of America with such grace and compassion. At first she was completely against Barack running for president in the first place. However, after much persuasion and long and hard talks with not just Barack but with other love ones. She reluctantly agreed. During this process she described her love for her husband and his passion for wanted to run. Her only concern was for what running and ultimately becoming would mean not just for her husband but for her whole family as a whole. Especially her young daughters.

During the duration of the book she described her mama bear personality on protecting Malia and Sasha during the election and especially their lives in the White House. She wanted them to be able to live their lives as normal children. She wanted her daughters to be able to make mistakes and not get criticized for it.

Not only did Michelle have the pressure of raising children in the White House and on the world stage. She also had to figure what her new role as First Lady was going to play out. As a fantastic way of finding her role, she was able to combine her two loves: children and fitness. In 2010 she launched the Let’s Move program. This focused on providing healthier options for children to eat at school and help reduce the rising numbers in childhood obesity.

After all is said and done, Michelle Obama may not have been the best first lady in people’s eyes based on the way you may look at it. I mean the role does not come with a manual! Lol. She made it her own and that is all we can ask of her.  However, I have come to learn, respect and ultimately look up to her as a personal and professional role model. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her daughters!

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