A Love Letter Life” written by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff is a compassionate, detailed story that is full of the up and down struggles of their ultimate love story.

This book tells the story of Jeremy Roloff who is a reality TV show star and his wife Audrey of how they met fell in love each other and got married on national television. They wanted to lay it all out there from the gentle pursuit that Jeremy took to win Audrey’s heart to the hard discussion on whether to podcast their special day for the world to see and becoming first time parents and every trial and tribulation in between.

These two hold faith and religion every close and they show it throughout this book. They wanted to show readers how their Christianity lead them to finding each other and how it is the leading aspect of their marriage and family. They love Jesus first then each other. To them this is what has made their relationship work and become so successful.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a genuine love story.

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