Crazy Rich Asians

“Crazy Rich Asians” written by Kevin Kwan is a world wind story of when three mega rich Asian family comes together for one huge extravaganza of a wedding.

This book takes the readers on a journey of three prominent rich Asian families and they Crazy messed up trials and tribulations along the way. The main rich family is the Young family. Nick Young plans to take is girlfriend of two-years that he met while teaching in New York City back to Singapore for his best friends Colin Khoos wedding.

One that thing that Nick doesn’t realize is that word travels fast and his family is well aware of his plans before he gets a chance to tell them himself.

The real question is: will Rachel be accepted by Nick’s family considering his is rendered as the sole heir of the family fortune or will the family be torn apart of the new family guest?

I appreciated the writing in this book as it was easy to read and follow along. Considering there were many different story lines going on throughout the book. The titling of chapters were very well layout.

I would recommend this book for any one who is looking for a drama filled, family-oriented book with a little splash of Singapore and Chinese history.

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