Girl, Wash Your Face

“Girl, Wash Your Face” written by Rachel Hollis is an inspirational and motivational memoir. That takes you are a journey of the ups and downs of an ordinary girl just following her dreams.
Rachel Hollis is an author and motivational speaker who while trying to grow from the trauma of her childhood was able to build a successful media company and become a best-selling author.
To all the women out there: have you heard things like: you’re not good enough or that I am better than you! Yes, I am sure you have! However, this book tells you that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.
One thing that I took away from the book was in the chapter “I’ll Start Tomorrow.” Everyone makes every excuse in the book to start their dream tomorrow. However, I learned that if you keep telling yourself “I’ll Start Tomorrow” you will never end up actually starting it. Just start! No matter where or how long it takes at least you started on the path to follow your dreams, or you will regret ever trying. It is about the journey not the destination.
Another thing that I learned was in the chapter “I Am Defined by My Weight.” Except for me it replace the word “weight” with “height” I stand at a proud 4’3” and obviously that is the first thing people notice. However, with what I lack in height I make up with in my personality. I am a loud, hardworking and positive person. The lesson learned was not letting one thing define who you are.
This book was sort of a kick in the butt for your goals and that they are not achieved overnight. It will take time but don’t ever give up. It highlights all the trials and triumphs that Rachel had to face along the way as well. Whether it was the years of therapy with coping with the loss of her bother, bad boyfriends, a rocky adoption process or the ups and downs of her business. She bravely lays it out there for the reader to take it and feel that you are not alone.
I would recommend this book to any women who is looking for motivation to get off their butt and follow their dreams. I would recommend this book to any guy who would like to learn how girls think and maybe how to respect women a bit better.
Rachel did a great job with this book and can’t wait to read her other best-selling books!

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