Everything Beautiful in It’s Time


Love, loss and healing are the 3 words that come to my mind after reading “Everything Beautiful in its Time” by Jenna Bush Hager. A lovely love letter written by a granddaughter to her beloved and greatly missed grandparents.

Former First Daughter and Today Cohost Jenna Bush Hager, takes the reader on a personal journey of growing up with her grandparents on both her mom and dad side. As well as giving a glimpse into her husband Henry’s family as well. She shares special moments such as introducing her own children to her grandparents to her last conversations with each grandparent. She doesn’t hold back with sharing letters written between her and her love ones and even sharing some embarrassing moments as well.

Jenna does a wonderful job writing such a raw and emotional biography on such a difficult topic. You can feel the love and appreciation from the lessons learned from her grandparents. You can tell that she is truly is herself in front on the camera by the way this story is written. You will shed tears and as well as laughter along with Jenna. It is a must read for anyone who is missing their loves ones that gone on before them.



Fear, division, race, and compassion are the words that I think of after reading “Valentine” written by Elizabeth Wetmore. A story of a town dealing with the aftermath of a heinous crime that took place on the evening of Valentine’s day.

Valentine is set in the mid 1970’s in Odessa Texas and chronicles the events that occur after a rape of a young girl takes place at the hands of a popular teenage boy in town. When a young mother that found the girl is set to testified at the trial what will happen? Will the young girl’s story be heard and taken seriously? Will justice be served? What is the leading impact this crime will have on a town like Odessa?

Valentine is a compelling story of how in the 1970’s a crime of this magnitude plays out. The fear that a crime like this leaves on the young women and especially the young mothers in town. The division of race and class that ripples through a town. Whether it is a he said, she said situation, or the real truth of events gets to be told. Lastly, the compassion that is felt between the women in the neighborhoods and how they all come together for each other in the most desperate of times.

I recommend this story to any reader who has an interest in knowing the 1970s perspective of the southern way of life.

Lovers & Writers


Heartbreak, grieving, love and perseverance are just some of the words I think of when it comes to “Writers & Lovers by Lily King. A novel of hope and courage that will keep the reading turning the pages.

“Lovers & Writers” by Lily King is a novel that follows a young inspiring writer Casey Peabody as she tries to cope with the recent unexpected loss of her mother and tries to complete her novel. That she has been working on for the pass 6 years.

Casey has spent many years of her young adult life traveling and exploring the world. Trying to get inspiration for her novel but at the same time trying to run away from her childhood. A childhood that had seen many triumphs from winning golf tournaments to many heartbreaks. As in the secrets from both parents and the messy divorce that followed.

Now Casey must find a way to pay off loads of debt from college and credits cards. Whiling still finding time to write “The Great American Novel”

She meets many guys along the way in hopes of blocking out the anguish she feels with her mother’s death.

Will Casey ever able to sort out her feelings towards both of her parents and the guys she has been seeing? And will Casey ever be able to finish what she calls “The Great American Novel”

“How’s the Novel?” ~ Lovers & Writers

Searching for Sylvie Lee


This story is about two sisters and how when one of them goes missing, the other sister won’t give up trying to find her. The search takes her from New York to the Netherlands where her sister was visiting family right before her disappearance.

Along the way the sister that is searching finds out the truth behind her older sisters marriage, love interests and childhood. Where her sister was sent to the Netherlands to live with distant family friends because her newly immigrated parents couldn’t afford raise her in New York.

To be honest, it is slow at first trying build up and fit the pieces of the puzzle together. However, the end is worth the wait. It is a family drama like no other!

I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a family drama and mystery rolled into one!