“Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets” ~ J.K. Rowling is another wizardry thriller that will leave you at the edge of your seats.

In the second installment of the J.K Rowling wizardry book series, 12-year old Harry Potter returns  for his second year at Hogwarts ready to learn more magic and have fun with his friends Ron and Hermine. However, something is looming over him after Dobby a house-elf makes and unexpected visit to him at the Dursley house warning him to not go back to school that something bad is going to happen if he did.

However, weary about taking advice from a house-elf and eager to continue his magical education, he returns to the school. Shortly, after returning to school weird things start to take place. Random attacks occur on random individuals and the mystery needs to be solved.

This is nothing that Harry Potter and his can’t handle. This leads to another mind blowing, action-packed magical thriller. That will lead Harry to understand why Dobby warned him and why he also went against the house-elf suggested.

J.K Rowling has done yet another amazing job taking the reader inside such a fascinating wizardry adventure with best wizard of them all Harry Potter! 🙂

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone


“Harry Potter & The Sorcerer Stone” written by J.K Rowling is action packed, mystery fill story of wizardry and witchcraft in the land of Hogwarts.

 By now most everyone on the planet has read the famous Harry Potter series and have watched the movies. However, I am a bit late to the party and I just finish listening to Book One in the series “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone.” Through the Audible app. Here are my thoughts on the first book.

It starts with the birthday boy Harry Potter finding out he is a Wizard and is accepted into the elite Wizardry and Witchcraft school Hogwarts. Soon Harry is confronted with his sudden celebrity like status and dealing with the truth behind his parents’ death and family history.

The book is full of unexpected friendships and villain dealings. All the while Harry is trying his best to fit in and win the house cup for his schoolhouse Gryffindor. Trying to beat out the other houses, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and the most hated Slytherin. All the while trying to steal back the Sorcerer Stone that is hidden deep with the school grounds. Will he to get pass all the obstacles in his way to be able to the stone or will he get caught and expel from one of the biggest wizards school around? Also, he becomes a sudden star in the Wizardry sport of Quidditch. He takes on The Seeker role with pride and determination!

J. K Rowlings does a fantastic job developing a book that takes you into the worlds of wizardry and witchcraft with beloved characters and quests that will leave you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to put the book down.

I would recommend this book and series for anyone who is into wizardry and wants to find a world that will you captivate you from the moment that the first spell is casted!