Fly Away


Family, grief and healing are the 3 words that come to my mind after reading “Fly Away” written by Kristin Hannah. A heartfelt sequel to the magnificent novel “Firefly Lane”. A novel about managing the ups and downs of life after a beloved love one passing on.

With the recent passing of Kate Malarkey ½ of the dynamic duo Tully and Kate, Tully and Kate’s family have to figure out a way to live life without their glue. They hit rough patches and one particular rough patch lands Tully on life support and fighting for her life. Now on the brink of death Tully has to decide whether she wants to give up and join her best friend on the other side or continue to fight and keep her promise to her best friend and be a mother and support to Kate’s family.

Kristin Hannah has the unbelievable ability of pulling the reader into feeling the characters pain in losing a love one. The reader feels as if they are going through the stages of grief alongside the characters. I believe it has to do with the readers connections to the characters that was there from the first book and now continues with the second. This book does not leave anything unsaid and it wraps up the Tully and Kate story beautifully.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Kristin Hannah novels!

Firefly Lane


Joy, love betrayal and heartbreak are just a few of the emotions felt throughout the story of “Firefly” by Kristin Hannah.

This story follows the unexpected friendship of Kate Mularkey and Tully Hart as their paths first crossed as neighbors on that little old country road to adulthood and every up and down struggle in between.

Firefly Lane highlights the importance of remaining true to not just your friends and family but remaining true to yourself first. Kate Mularkey struggled with is throughout this story as she grows up in the shadows of her best friends dream of becoming a TV reporter.

Once the truth comes out and Kate finds her one true passion in motherhood. The friendships begin to change. When Kate’s daughter Marah becomes an unbearable teenager and chooses to follow and listen Tully instead of her own mother. The jealousy grows and turns into depression for Kate. When Tully tries to bring Kate and Marah back to together is what is truthy the turning point in their 30-year long friendship.

Now will happen to the unbreakable bond of what was TullyandKate? What will happen to the mother and daughter relationship of Marah and Kate? Will these two girls from Firefly Lane keep their promise of remaining best friends forever?