Becoming First Lady

“Becoming” – by Michelle Obama is an inspiring biography about an intelligent young woman on her journey from the South Side of Chicago to becoming the first African American first lady.   There were many topics that stood out for me and that I was able to take away from reading this fantastic book. The…

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New Book

I am so excited for this book! I have heard great things and Michelle Obama has been a role model of mine for some time! Can’t wait to write a blog post about “Becoming” #hadleybooks #becomingmichelleobama

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The Gentleman In Moscow

“A Gentleman in Moscow” written by Amor Towles is a novel that is  elegant, charming and full of witty remarks.  It tells the story of a young Count Alexander Rostov who had recently returned to Russia and was immediately sentenced to house arrest for life, in one of the nicest hotels in all of Russia,…

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Thank you to my Secret Santa Julia, Mom and Dad for all of these books! I have always loved reading and continue to love books. Books are a great way to learn about the world!😁❤📖 You can come follow my book blog about my thoughts on these books and future books on


A Book Full of Secrets

“The Husband’s Secret” writen by Liane Moriaty is a twist-turning novel that any women will find a connection too. This book chronicles the person live challeges of three women as they balance: love lives, marriages, work and ONE BIG SECRET!! It starts with just one letter. It is full of ups and downs and twist and…

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Starr The Advocate

“The Hate You Give” – written by Angie Thomas is one of the most powerful, hearfelt, and relevant stories of its time.  It covers very controversial topics. Everything from diversity to police brutality and most importantly hate. These are topics that have been heavily discussed in history but has come back in recent months and…

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The Mysterious Bernadette

“WHERE’D YOU GO BERNADETTE” written by Maria Semple is a funny, mysterious, and full of world wind of emotions. Bernadette is a strong, hardworking and intelligent women. Who created an amazing career for herself, got married to the man of her dreams and had the most perfect little girl Bee. So what possibly could be…

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