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What Does This Quarantine Mean to Me

Let us be real, reading a book means everything to me. However, recently it has brought on a whole new level of meaning to me. Especially during this time of uncertainty. It has given me a space to escape the scariness of the situation unfolding in this world right now. Reading as allowed me a world of peace and serenity that is so needed at a time like this.

What have you been doing during this quarantine? I have decided to use this precious time to work on a dream of mine. I have been working on writing a book called “Rosemary’s Dream” This idea for the book has been with me since middle school and now I have the time to expand on it and make it something special.

This virus has taught me that you truly only have limited time on this planet. It has taught me to cherish all that I have and all that I can give. To make the most out of a bad situation!

I urge all of you to use this time of being locked in our houses wisely. Dream big, do the impossible, follow through on your ultimate dreams.

Life is a special gift! God has put each and everyone of us on this planet on purpose. To spread happiness, love, and kindness to the ones that need it the most.

Thank you to all of the essential employees out there. Without you I know we would not be making it through this situation. Especially to the health care workers! They are the ones that truly deserve all the thanks in the world!

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!